Crawlspace Insulation Tacoma, WA

The Benefits Of Crawlspace Insulation For Tacoma and Puyallup, WA, Homes

Homes around Puyallup and Tacoma, WA, are often built with a crawlspace. In some homes, the crawlspace is minimal, while in others, it is more like a full basement height. When properly insulated, a crawlspace can help increase the efficiency of a home. If poorly insulated, this space allows the movement of hot and cold air, potentially increasing energy loss in the home.

The choice of crawlspace insulation depends on the design of the area. Most crawlspaces are vented to the outside, which can be helpful in getting rid of moisture. Some homes do not have vented crawl spaces, which requires a different type of insulation and sealing method.

Upgrading Existing Insulation

Many older homes in Tacoma and Puyallup WA, have limited insulation in the crawl space. Upgrading the insulation and adding a barrier, a process known as encapsulation, can significantly help reduce your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

Upgrading crawlspace insulation and adding a vapor barrier or full encapsulation can also help reduce bad odors in the home. Musty odors are a common sign of mildew and mold problems in a crawlspace area.

Understanding the Process

The experts at Mountain View Insulation, LLC have the experience and know-how to expertly install the right crawlspace insulation based on your home’s requirements.

We use the latest in technology to both insulate and seal crawlspaces for new construction as well as for older homes. We provide full-home insulation services, upgrading existing older insulation and adding insulation that increases energy efficiency while decreasing energy costs for heating and cooling.

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